QIWI network of terminals started to operate in Moscow 04/08/2012

InPost a Polish logistics operator, iTech Capital Investment Fund and QIWI Group signed an investment agreement on joint implementation of a new project - a network of QIWI Post convenient delivery terminals. The network has been launched on 9th February.

Distance selling companies and e-commerce customers in Russia have not been spoilt by a convenient delivery services available and are used to pick up their orders at the post office. QIWI Post parcel terminals greatly simplify the payment and collection of goods ordered in online stores, distance selling and MLM companies.

Several dozen QIWI Post convenient delivery terminals, operating 24/7, are already deployed in Moscow and the Moscow region in the major shopping centers and hypermarkets. Until the end of 2012 the network of parcel terminals is expected to grow to 100 terminals in the Moscow area and expand to federal level: only in Moscow and the regions more than 400 parcel terminals will be installed.

"Russia is a huge market with incredible potential - says InPost CEO Rafał Brzoska. - We have started here, using the technology and the experience we have gathered by building from scratch a similar network in Poland and other countries."

“We have all the prerequisites for the development of the network of parcel terminals in Russia. According to company experts, in the past year, the number of B2C parcels sent by MLM, e-commerce and catalog sales companies amounted to approximately 90 million units and in the next five years the market is expected to grow annually by 15-20 percent. The co-founders plan to invest in the project up to $30 million over the next three years“, according to Gleb Davidyuk Managing Partner of the investment fund iTech Capital.

Andrey Romanenko QIWI Group President considers appearance of the new service promising and well-timed for the market: "E-commerce is gaining momentum, but its development is constrained mostly by the deficiency of convenient and fast delivery of goods. As a partner in the project, QIWI can offer their customers not only a variety of options of paying of goods but also a convenient delivery way."